SEA LIFE Aquarium celebrates sharks

The SEA LIFE Aquarium in Carlsbad will be celebrating sharks this summer by adding three educational shows , The Daily Dive, The Shark and Ray Show, and Shark Talk.

The Daily Diver show will feature an interactive underwater dive show in the aquarium’s Shipwreck Gallery. The diver in the tank will use a special dive mask that will allow him to talk to audience members while underwater.

The Shark and Ray show will bring light to the mysterious creatures in the ocean and the Shark Talk show will be a puppet show of a hammerhead shark as he tries to understand human life.

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San Diego Zoo sees baby boom

The San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park has seen an increase in the number births in species that were previously endangered.

The Wild Animal Park, which opened in 1972, has captive breeding which has helped several endangered species. Since the opening, the Zoo has helped many species such as the Arabian oryx, Simitar horned oryx, and Addax jump in their population numbers in order to avoid extinction.

For example, in the late 1960s, the Arabian oryx population was less than 20. At the Wildlife park they have had 324 births of Arabian oryx since 1973. The zoo also reintroduces animals to their natural habitats.

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San Diego to open Legoland Water Park

The San Diego Convention and Visitor’s Bureau announced that they will be opening the first ever Lego-themed waterpark at Legoland Carlsbad.

The general manager for the park said that the park will feature constructive play, including slides, Lego friends and a Build-a-Raft concept that will allow children to customize their own raft and float down the lazy river. This new attraction is aiming to give families a great place to cool off during the summer.

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New dolphin show to debut at Sea World San Diego

According to an official press release issued by Sea World of San Diego, the popular amusement park will debut a new theatrical show on May 29th, 2010. The new program titled “Blue Horizons” will feature bottlenose dolphins, several species of birds, and pilot whales. The marine animals and birds will perform stunts alongside divers and aerial performers.

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