Balboa Park gears up for 2015 centennial celebration

In 2015, Balboa Park will be holding a year-long celebration, marking the day in 1915 that the Panama-California Expostion opened the canal. Park officials are already getting ready for the year-long event, as they expect to have an increase in tourism due to the celebration.

The “Balboa Park 2015 Celebration” is expected to be a huge extravaganza, and park officials are adding more exciting attractions to the park. There will be music, food, and beverages for visitors, and the park has partnered with BRC Imagination Arts, which will be helping the park become in touch with the arts.

Balboa Park expects its number of visitor to double during the celebration, leaping from 10 million visitors a year to 20 million visitors a year. Officials at the park and in San Diego’s Department of Tourism hope that the celebration will not only boost tourism for the year of 2015 but also for future years to come.

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Music and theater come together this weekend in San Diego

If you are a lover of musical theater, San Diego is the place to be this weekend as the city will be hosting a slew of events that bring together music and theater.

On Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, the San Diego Women’s Chorus will be performing love songs from musicals throughout the past two decades. The performance, entitled “Our Romance” will feature songs from Rent  and Moulin Rouge and will be held at the Mission Hills United Church of Christ.

Every Friday night from now through July 17, Lamb’s Players Theatre will be featuring a show called “Mixtape.” The show celebrates the music of the eighties, so put on some leg warmers and come have a great time.

For a taste of what happens behind the scenes of theater life, visit the Balboa Theatre on Saturday morning, where tours of the theater will be given for free.

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British Airways nonstop flight to San Diego expected to boost tourism

On June 1, British Airways will have a nonstop flight going from London to San Diego, and the city of San Diego is preparing for an expected boost in tourism due to the flight.

British Airways teamed up with American Airlines, and the flight was a joint effort to enable Europeans to come to California on vacation or for business endeavors. Frequent flier miles can be shared between the two airlines, also, so frequent intercontinental travelers can fly from either airline.

San Diego’s bureau for tourism has spent $200,000 on marketing, and the Airport Authority spent $750,000 to advertise the new flight. Officials in San Diego and at British Airways are hoping that Europeans will see San Diego as an accessible vacation destination.

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