Balboa Park gears up for 2015 centennial celebration

In 2015, Balboa Park will be holding a year-long celebration, marking the day in 1915 that the Panama-California Expostion opened the canal. Park officials are already getting ready for the year-long event, as they expect to have an increase in tourism due to the celebration.

The “Balboa Park 2015 Celebration” is expected to be a huge extravaganza, and park officials are adding more exciting attractions to the park. There will be music, food, and beverages for visitors, and the park has partnered with BRC Imagination Arts, which will be helping the park become in touch with the arts.

Balboa Park expects its number of visitor to double during the celebration, leaping from 10 million visitors a year to 20 million visitors a year. Officials at the park and in San Diego’s Department of Tourism hope that the celebration will not only boost tourism for the year of 2015 but also for future years to come.

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