Whale seen close to Mission Beach shoreline

Whales are currently in migration from Mexico to Canada. During this migration period, it is not that uncommon to see whale sightings in the ocean at South Mission Beach.

But, it is less likely to see a whale less than 40 yards from the shoreline. Yesterday evening, a gray whale that was determined to be a baby by it’s small size, between eight and 12-feet, was spotted in a shallow area of Mission Beach. The whale was noticed near the lifeguard Tower 17, and stayed stationary for about an hour.

Lifeguards alerted Sea World, just in case the whale was unable to return to sea on it’s own and required assistance. Not too far away from the initial whale spotting was another spotting, this one believed to be the young whale’s mother. After the baby whale was done playing in the shallow area, it returned to deeper parts of the ocean to rejoin it’s mother.

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