The allure of South Mission Beach

Located in San Diego, California, charming South Mission Beach has a number of allures and is a perfect vacation destination for any time of the year. South Mission beach is divided into four private neighborhoods in a laid-back locale with a well-kept 3 1/2 mile long beachfront.

Collectively known as “The Strand,” these four areas within South Mission Beach consist of City Beach, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, and North Pacific Beach. The Strand offers a cozy and relaxing ambiance conducive for a romantic getaway adventure, in addition to a variety of sports and recreational activities.

The fine sand in the wide beachfront of South Mission Beach is now regarded as a haven for beach volleyball enthusiasts. Basketball courts are also available and great for enjoying a game of basketball with friends and family.

If you’re feeling sentimental, you can watch the enchanting South Mission Beach sunset while bike riding or having a long walk on the Mission Beach Boardwalk along Mission Boulevard, where eye catching post modern private homes, charming cottages, and reasonably priced yet elegant beach condos and rentals abound.

To make your vacation more memorable, stay at South Mission Beach Condominiums. Learn more about this ideal vacation spot by speaking with a friendly representative at (858) 488-7100.





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