Amazing Without Walls festival graces San Diego

The first Without Walls festival in San Diego took place on October 5 to 6. Many shows by La Jolla Playhouse were performed in nontraditional venues, like the beach.

Artistic director Christopher Ashley said the festival is perfect for the YouTube generation, “because everyone is potentially both subject and viewer”.

La Jolla Playhouse worked together with the University of California, San Diego and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego to stage the festival.

The festival, already popular in Europe, made it possible for theater companies like Punchdrunk and Third Rail Projects to make it big in New York with shows like “Sleep No More” and “Then She Fell.” These shows are mobile, forcing viewers to follow them and engage in a way traditional theater cannot.

9,259 attended the Without Walls festival during October 5 and 6.

Like the rest of San Diego, South Mission Beach is a thriving cultural hotspot known to host a variety of cultural activities. Before planning your vacation to San Diego, call (858) 488-7100 to learn more about our beautiful townhouses available for rent.

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