New Sea World Attractions Coming to San Diego

As a part of a $175 million dollar capital investment, Sea World in San Diego will soon be housing two new attractions that will immerse guests into the life and habitat of underwater species. The highly-anticipated attractions come at a time when Sea World is attempting to move away from theatrical shows and align themselves towards natural orca whale encounters, meant to educate the public and garner appreciation for the species.

The attractions include Ocean Explorer, a three-acre expanse that will boast multiple aquariums, amusement rides, and digital technology. The main feature of Ocean Explorer will be Submarine Quest, an attraction that will allow guests to board mini-submarines and view rare underwater animals, such as the spider crab and giant octopus. The ride will have underwater research bases and interactive activities for guests’ enjoyment.

The other primary attraction will be the Orca Encounter—an experience that will focus on the life of killer orca whales in their natural habitat, including how they hunt and navigate, what they eat, and the methods they employ to communicate. The two multi-million dollar attractions are expected to reinvent Sea World’s traditional business model.

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Halloween events in San Diego this year

No one does Halloween parties like Americans, and San Diego Halloween parties are some of the best in the country.

If you want to party, go to the downtown Central Library on Saturday, October 29 at 330 Park Boulevard and attend the show presented by local band Stay Strange, titled Checked Out 2016. Just a few blocks away from this event, another party will be rocking the town. The Monster Bash, which will brighten eight downtown city blocks starting at 6 p.m., will feature five stages of music, Halloween costume competitions, and unlimited booze. Finally, on Tuesday, November 1, head over to the California Center for the Arts at 340 N. Escondido Boulevard for the Dia De Los Muertos Festival at around 6 p.m. for a music festival and a ballet performance.

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Families gather for camaraderie, unity, and love at this year’s Diwali festivities

Madhu Madhavan, Center for Asian and Pacific Studies founding chairman at San Diego State University, is the organizer of the annual Diwali festival in Balboa Park. This year the festivities will be celebrated on Saturday, October 22, in remembrance of the holiday he experienced in India. He reminisced about the festival, saying, “We would get up early, and before sunrise we would oil the body, take a bath, and wear new clothes.”

This year’s Diwala festival hopes to bind Indian families to the values that seek to unite humanity by promoting activities that inspire love and peace. Tickets are available at $5 per family, and people have the option to learn more about said festivities when they visit the San Diego Museum of Art and Mingei International Museum the same day.

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CRSSD Festival: A Roaring Success for dance music enthusiasts

This year’s CRSSD Fest, which happened on the weekend of October 1 and 2 at San Diego’s Waterfront Park, attracted natives and tourists alike. People from all over the nation enthusiastically clamored for quality and diverse brands of electronic dance music, with several talented artists fulfilling their wishes.

Twenty-three-year-old Norwegian rapper and record producer Lido wowed the audience with his unique brand of trip hop. He came back the following day to perform as his alter-ego, Trippy Turtle. Matrixxman shared center stage with City Steps for the first time, and Dubfire provided dark beats and sinister tunes as an interesting way to end the festival.

Aside from the dance party, festival attendees were invited to check out new DJ and sound equipment such as the new SubPac portable subwoofer, V-Moda headphone models, and new Roland/Serato decks. More attractions are expected to grace the Spring 2017 installment.

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Philippine folk dances to be featured this weekend at PASACAT

The Philippine-American Society and Cultural Arts Troupe (PASACAT) is slated to perform on Saturday, October 8 at the David & Dorothea Garfield Theatre in San Diego. The group is planning to teach audience members about Filipino culture and heritage through song and dance performances.

A choreographer and dance director, Joji Ramirez Castro, created an ensemble performance featuring various folk dances of the Filipino people, including the Singkil, which originated from the Maranao people in the southern part of the island country, Mindanao. The program will last two hours and keeps with PASACAT’s mission, which is “to preserve and promote the Asian Pacific culture through the arts, thereby, extending goodwill and enhancing cultural understanding.”

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