SeaWorld makes big expansion plans for orca habitat

The California Coastal Commission is gearing up to discuss SeaWorld‘s “Blue World” project in the fall, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune on July 26.

The park’s plan proposes a $100 million dollar renovation to the current habitat housing its orcas that would expand it to 350 feet long, provide depths up to 50 feet, and include a fast-water current for the whales to swim against. In addition to the expansion, SeaWorld has pledged $10 million for research on orcas in the wild.

As it is now, the park has been accredited by two major zoological associations and is inspected at least once a year by federal agencies. SeaWorld officials say the “Blue World” project would be a fantastic improvement to the whales’ current habitat, as it would more accurately address their physical, mental, and behavioral needs. The new habitat would provide park-goers with an excellent view of the orcas without compromising the animals’ happiness.

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