Cultural alternatives grace San Diego this Halloween

If you were not in the mood for trick-or-treating, attending loud Halloween parties, or raiding suspect haunted houses, an artsy activity may have filled your Halloween schedule last weekend.

The music of 63-year-old composer Danny Elfman has scored many of 58-year-old film director and producer Tim Burton’s movies. Elfman brought his music to life on the stage by the orchestra, with choral music added by SACRA/PROFANA on Saturday, October 29 at Copley Symphony Hall in San Diego. Elfman scored Burton’s more popular movies, such as the 1988 fantasy Beetlejuice, 1990’s drama Edward Scissorhands, 1989 action film Batman, 2003 comedy-drama Big Fish, and 2005 fantasy Corpse Bride.

Mission Beach is teeming with fun opportunities and cultural events such as this one, and beach exploration and adventure abound. Fill out our contact information sheet if you are interested in renting one of our townhouses or condominiums in Mission Beach, either for vacation or business. We make any trip to San Diego feel complete. 

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